Which Pet is Right for You?

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Looking to get a pet but not sure which one? This list of common pets may help you make a decision! Whether you want a pet to cuddle or replace your best friend, there is something for everyone.

  1. For the low maintenance person- get a fish! Freshwater fish are super easy to take care of. They require regular feeding of fish food and for their water to be replaced every so often. You can also have fun decorating the tank to make your new companion’s tank feel like home.
  2. For the person who wants a best friend: get a dog! Dogs truly are a man’s best friend, but come with a lot of responsibility. Dogs need routine feeding, daily dog walks, for their feces to be cleaned, baths, and a place to sleep. They also need love and attention, but will reciprocate that love back to you and can even help with loneliness and depression.
  3. For the person who wants a cuddle buddy- get a cat! Cats love snuggling and staying warm, and will miss you when you aren’t in a blanket with them on the sofa. Cats also come with responsibilities similar to dogs, and have a litter box that needs cleaning instead of being walked. If you want a warm snuggly companion, cats are perfect for you.
  4. For the fearless pet owner- get a snake or tarantula! Tarantulas and snakes can make good pets when treated with care and caution. They make edgier and cooler pets, and can help you get over your fears!
  5. For the “night owl”- get a hamster! Hamsters are nocturnal, so they sleep in the day and are active at night. If you prefer a cute little pet that you can play with and take care of before bed, hamsters are for you! Hamsters need plenty of exercise and a balanced diet, but aren’t super high maintenance.