5 Gifts to Get for Your Teenage Girl for the Holidays

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The winter holidays are approaching, and it is traditional on holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah for families to exchange gifts! There is no age group harder to shop for than the teenage girl, so here is a list of 5 gifts your teenager might like to receive as her holiday gift:

  1. Barnes and Nobles gift card:
    If your teenage girl loves reading on her free time, buy her a gift card with a nice amount of money to a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles and offer to take her book shopping for new reads if she is interested.
  2. Instax Mini 9 Polaroid Camera by Fujifilm:
    This camera prints the pictures taken with it on the spot on polaroid film, and comes in super cute colors too. It is designed to appeal to the teenage girl who loves photography, taking aesthetic pictures for social media, and fun mini objects! You can also add a package of film or an Instax mini 9 camera case to the gift.
  3. Sephora value gift sets:
    The feminine teenage girl who loves skincare and cosmetics will adore a value gift set from Sephora. These sets include luxury and lower end brand’s products in a set for a value and more affordable price. There is something for every girl at all price points, so check them out!
  4. Skateboard and stickers:
    Have a tomboy in your life? Get your tomboyish teenage girl a cool skateboard! If she’s never tried skateboarding before, this is a perfect opportunity for her to learn a new hobby and still feel in her comfort zone. Add cool stickers for her to decorate the bottom of her new board with in order to appeal to her personality!
  5. Sunglasses:
    Every teenage girl needs a pair of cool sunglasses for when spring rolls around. Get her a nice pair of sunglasses! The best part about this gift will be her excitement to wear them once the season changes and the sun is strong again. Sunglasses also come at all price points, and it’s important to do some research on what types of glasses are in style!