8 Tips for Redecorating your Room

Home redecoration
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Thinking of redecorating your room? Whether you want to change furniture arrangement, wall decor, or ideas for bedding and desk decor, there is something for everyone on this list. Use these 8 tips as inspiration and ideas on how to make your room stand out!

  • Buy a plant: One of the best ways to brighten and add life to a dull room is to put a plant in your room! If you like gardening, consider buying a real plant to take care of. If you like plants for the aesthetic and color, fake plants and succulents are the way to go. Larger plants are better for floor placement while smaller plants are best suited for placement on shelves or desks.
  • Light a scented candle: Scented candles when placed on a night-table can be super aesthetically pleasing! They will add a personalized scent and look to your room that is unique to you, giving your room more personality. Find a scent that speaks to you and change the vibes in your room.
  • Reconsider where your bed is placed: Is your bed’s side or headboard pushed up against the wall? The manner in which your bed is positioned against your wall in your room can have a huge effect on how much space your room has. Try moving your bed to a different position if lack of space and openness are a concern.
  • Add a small shelf to your wall: If you like reading or need a small place to put smaller room decorations, a shelf that protrudes from the wall will conserve desk-top space and add a cute look to your room. Place on your shelf your favorite books, small room decorations, crystals, or meaningful picture frames!
  • Add wall decals/wallpaper: Adding wallpaper or wall decals to just one full wall in your room will completely transform your look for the better. Choose a color that compliments your room’s theme and stick to it! Wall decals are more affordable while wallpaper is generally quite expensive, so choose wisely.
  • Curate art pieces to use as wall decor: There are so many types of artwork out there that you can feature in on your walls! You can also paint or draw your own artwork and get it framed to add a touch of ‘you’ to your living space.
  • Hang Fairy Lights or LEDs: LED lights and/or fairy lights can completely change your room. There are so many types of innovative lights out there, including color-changing remote controlled LED light strips you can find on Amazon.
  • Change your Bedding: Oftentimes, an inconsistent color scheme in your room is a reason it may look a little off. Find bedding that matches your walls and colors in your room to create a theme! If your room is on the blander side, get patterned bedding to spice it up! (Tip: get matching throw pillows as well!).