Top-five earbuds under $50

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Hey Frugal Diva Here!


I know the big craze right now is Apple AirPods! Yes they look cool, For iPhone users. Android owners are basically left out of the loop. There are other options of wireless headphones for both iPhone and Android users. 


Not only are AirPods limited to Apple users they are way overpriced. At a whopping $150 dollars to $250 AirPods can be very costly. 


I found five options of earbuds that not only are inexpensive but have great sound quality. Each brand of earbuds can be Bluetooth enabled. Making them usable for both Apple and Android. 


These are my top five earbuds for under $50.


1 JVC-H a true wireless in ear headphones $49.99.

The JVC true wireless headphones have memory foam in ear tips that fit securely. The headphones  offers up to 14 hours of use on a charge. The headphones are sweat resistant and great for workouts. Enable hands-free chat via a compatible device and Bluetooth connection.


2 Sony wireless in-ear headset for $28.99 

Although these headphones are not fully wireless they are Bluetooth enabled to a compatible device. These headphones hold up to 15 hours of charge and these headphones are not waterproof.


3 EarFun earbuds for $39.99 

With the option of each earbud being used independently. Control the volume with earbud wireless touch buttons. These earbuds are waterproof and a two hour charge can make up to 30 hours of playtime. Bluetooth connects to compatible devices.


4 Skullcandy Indy true wireless earbuds $39.99 

Skullcandy earbuds hold up to 16 hours of battery life. They are Bluetooth enabled for compatible devices. Sweat and water resistant they have removable Ear gels for a secure fit. They also have touch control.


5 J lab audio go air true wireless earbuds $29.88 

These earbuds hold 20+ hours of charge. The Bluetooth enabled Earbuds are not water resistant. Features touch controls and dual connect allowing the Earbuds to be used independently.


There are many options at different price points, some lower, some higher. With these suggestions I hope these earbuds inspire you to save and find great and cheaper options.