Top 5 Wireless Charging Pads

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 Wireless charging pads are great. I have one that I use almost every day. I just drop my phone and go about my business. I have an iPhone but there are options for Android owners as well.

Here are my top five options for wireless charging pads.

1 ChoeTech Dual Fast Wireless Charger $25.99 on Amazon

This charging pad is compatible with iPhone and Samsung phone

2 Anchor Wireless Charger Power Wave Pad $11.95

On Amazon this charging pad works for Apple and android compatible phones. This pad is also small enough to travel with and is available in 4 colors. 

3 ChoeTech wireless charger to pack $16.99 on Amazon

This small square wireless charging pad comes in a set of two is compatible for Apple and android phones. 

4 Tozo W1 Wireless Charger $12.99 on Amazon

This ultra thin charging pad is available and seven colors compatible for for Iphone and Android users  

5 Youtech wireless charging pad and stand $23.99 on Amazon

This stand and pad bundle is great for those who need to see their phones for the time or even streaming shows without holding your phone, it has a stand to place your phone on and an extra pad to add to another room to drop your iPad or wireless earbuds on.

These charging pads are a great option for travel and quick charging. Charging  pads are portable, small and plug into any USB port.

I hope you’re able to find a charging pad that suits your needs.