Top 5 Laptop On Amazon For Under $300

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Hey frugal diva here!

So while browsing for a new laptop I automatically turn to Amazon, not only am I a proud Amazon prime member, The deals are amazing. With Free member almost overnight/ Next day shipping I can also enjoy my new treats faster.

I chose to purchase a used MacBook Air  for $400. My choice for the MacBook was

1) I am an up and coming musician. Lots of production programs are made for the MacBook.

2) I am not that tech savvy as far as computers are concerned. So MacBooks tend to be simple to the point.

3) I wanted a MacBook just because i think the’re cool.

Now during my quest to find a new laptop while on Amazon I did come across a wide range of laptops that honestly were a lot cheaper than a brand new MacBook had lots more features and would be great for work or school.

Being that the new school year is soon approaching These top five laptops can put you in the Frugal realm Of things to give you an  idea of the great deals on laptops Amazon has to offer.

disclaimer* I did not purchase my laptop from Amazon. I got mines from It’s like eBay and offer where you can sell and buy from other people. An online yard sale I like to call them. Shipping was super fast. The laptop works perfectly and the seller even sent rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. With this list hopefully you can find something that will appease your computer needs.

Lenouvel 100 Chromebook second generation laptop computer 

This notebook computer offers up to 10 hours of battery life letting students learn all day on just one charge you can also add to the 16 GB of memory by adding a SD card up to 128 GB the full size card noticed drive this computer sells for $239 Amazon is offering the open box option for $184.99. 

HP stream 14 inch Intel Celeron 

4 GB RAM Wi-Fi WebCam Bluetooth SD card reader runs with Windows two USB ports know this drive comes in nine colors. I love the pink one, Amazon is selling this computer for $225.

Lenovo 2  11.6 inch convertible Chromebook touchscreen laptop computer

quad core media tech 4 GB memory Wi-Fi Bluetooth chrome OS. Buy like new on Amazon for $289.90 this computer only comes in blizzard white. It’s also great for gaming.

Lenovo IdeaPad 14 inch HD laptop

2.4 GHz 4 GB RAM HDMI windows 10. weighing at only 3 pounds and is 0.8 inches then this computer does have a DVD/CD drive. Bluetooth and has up to eight hours of power has a media card player this computer sells on Amazon for $279.99

Samsung Chromebook

Runs on chrome OS 15 inch screen  HD Intel processor 4 GB RAM 32 gigabytes. Wi-Fi connection delivers up to 10 hours of battery on a full charge. Has two USB ports, this computer sells on Amazon for $299.

*Bonus so I have included a laptop bag that looks amazing on women and men the cost is great and even has a charging port for your phone. The Branch Laptop backpack. This bag is water resistant, and it also has a USB charging port. Comes in two sizes 15.6 inches in 17.3 inch. The Branch laptop backpack comes in 11 colors. This bag would also make a great baby bag for mom or dad. The bag also has a luggage belt so you can hook it to the luggage pull tube. This bag sells on Amazon for $25.99.

These laptops on Amazon or just a small few of options they have to offer. As I stated before you could also look to, offer or for options on used and open box laptops. Pricing will be  around $350 to $800. You can find quality for your buck. You may even get toilet paper and hand sanitizer like I did!