8 Cool Fathers Day Tech Gifts Ideas

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Hey, Frugal diva here!

With father’s day approaching soon we cannot forget about the superheroes in our lives. These men are not only dad, pops, daddy, papi, he’s also a doctor when we need a bandage for a little scrape, private drivers, personal hype men and the one man that will always truly love us.  Its the end of macaroni ties and bagged socks. With it being 2020 dad does deserve a gift that will not only reflect how we feel about him, it should reflect the times we’re in, Tech friendly!

Now i know i’m usually the queen on finding frugal deals and these picks are not very frugal, i will be putting together a list of much cheaper tech gifts for dad soon,  Put down that new tool set, These 8 cool tech gift ideas for dad will truly make him feel like the tech genius he truly is. Even if he only unplugs the router when the internet drops.

Tapology! Draft Beer Tap system

$79.95 Urbanoutfitters.com

Turn your dad’s beer can into the perfect, cold brew from the comfort of his lazyboy. Creates the perfect dense micro foam that  tastes like it’s straight from the tap. 12 oz cans fit in the back. 

Self rolling smart yoga mat backslash fit smart yoga mat

89.95 amazon.com

This soft cushy yoga mat rolls itself up and grips the floor, it also comes with yoga routines that you can hear using a bluetooth speaker.

Bose audio sunglasses

Bose Frames 199.99 bose.com

Not only do these sunglasses keep the uv out your peepers, they also produce perfect sounding music. Without going into the ear. The best part is that no one around you will hear it. 

Apple Airpods

159.00 apple.com

Bye to the days of untangling wires after pulling them out of your pocket. You can listen to music up to 5 hours and talk time, up to 3 hours on a single charge. 


1,495.00 mirror.co

A personalized at home gym for the fitness focused dad. The mirror starter pack includes fitness bands, a bluetooth heart rate monitor and a care kit with a screen cleaner and cloth . a privacy camera lens is also included . The mirror is controlled by a phone enabled app. The app includes access to the unlimited live on demand workouts. 

Levi’s commuter x Jacquard

198.00- 248.00 Levis.com

Commuter x Jacquard is part of a collaboration between Levi’s and Google; this non- Stretch denim jacket connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and can screen calls control music volume and even gets you directions by tapping or brushing the sleeves. 

Traeger pro 575 wifi pellet grill and smoker

$799 Traeger.com

The most high tech grill you’ll ever encounter. You control the temperatures of your food through an app on your phone. You also control grilling start and end times. So the food is cooked perfectly.


With these options hopefully your dad will find any gift you choose for him amazing happy fathers day dads!