3 Time Management Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Busy Life

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Always feel like you need more time in a day, you’re not alone. It seem like we have so much to get done in our 24 hours we can find it impossible to get things done. Work projects, helping the childern with school work the list can go in forever! 

If you’re running a business or freelancing for multiple clients, it can become difficult staying on top of all your projects and task. Thats where a time managment tool comes in.

The right project management tool will help you get organized, gain more clarity in your business, and become more efficient in your processes.

With so many different project management apps on the market these 3 have the most to offer.

Trello Available On The Apple App Store And Google Play store

Embraces the kanban method. Great for visual learners and small teams 

Trellos visual boards can help you track task and projects. When using with clients its great for creating idea boards since you can add attachments. assign  boards to different people and track completion.  Free

Asana On The Apple App Store And Google Play store

Great for managing large teams and creating social/editorial calendars. 

Asana allows you to manage and view projects in multiple ways including list, boards, landers and timelines making it great for tracking content task and managing time. Its great for tasking tracking as it allows you to assign others to task and can be paired with time tracking tools to track hours. Free Basic account for indivduals or teams starting project managment. 


On The Apple App Store And Google Play store

Great for personal time managment and novice project managers.

Monday is a great design and easy to use if your tried to use a time management tool and found yourself overwhelmed with it, give Monday a try instead. Its a great tool to jot down what needs to be done and track its completion. Its also finally customizable so you can explore their advanced features when the time comes.  

Now with more time on our hands it feels like we still dont have enough minuets on our day! Withe these apps i hope you are able to find which app suits your schedule and life stlye. Which app will you be downloading soon?