Top 5 Prepackaged Tea Brands

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As a total tea junkie, I’m constantly looking to try new tea brands and flavors out! As much as I like loose tea leaves, nothing beats the convenience of a prepackaged (peppermint!) tea bag when I’m on the run or just feeling a little lazy. Here are my top 5 tea brands that I’ve enjoyed over the years:

  1. Wissotzky Tea: This tea brand was started in Russia and branched out to London and the United States. I recommend Wissotzky tea because it is such a classic tea brand with so many different flavors. As a lover of herbal teas, I believe Wissotzky has the most amazing chamomile and mint teas to warm the body.
  2. Lipton: As a classic and inexpensive tea brand, Lipton’s tea bags are a staple for the basic black tea drinker. Their tea is surprisingly strong when steeped for a few minutes, which makes it a cool option for the compulsive tea drinker who wants a good deal on their tea bags.
  3. The Bromley Tea Company: Bromley Tea prides itself on using hand selected fresh herbs and teas of the best quality in their tea bags. Bromley is known for providing America with the first purely decaffeinated black tea, which changed the tea world.
  4. Twinings Tea: Twinings was started in England and is one of the oldest tea companies in the world, with origins that date back to 1706. Their aromatic earl grey teas, herbal teas, and fruity blends are world renowned and absolutely delicious.
  5. Bigelow Tea: Bigelow tea has a mission statement: to have satisfied customers and serve the public morally. You can feel their love through their tea, which always has an extra hit of aroma and richness to it with every sip.