Top 5 Gourmet Coffee Brands

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We absolutely love Coffee! Nothing helps us more than waking up in the morning and starting the day with a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. Being a coffee experts,  we love trying different brands of the best coffee. Here are our top 5 gourmet coffee brands.

  1. Volcanics Free Range Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi lowak is the rarest coffee in the world. The beans are consumed, digested and disposed of by wild cats. They are then harvested, roasted and processed to create a truly unique coffee. The digestive process is gross, but it brings out unique flavors creating a chocolate taste. The digestion also reduces the acidity of the coffee making Kopi Luwak one of the best gourmet coffees for buyers with sensitive stomachs.

2. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel- Aged Coffee

The Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee from Coopers Cask is another delicious gourmet coffee. Made from single-origin Columbian beans are aged for two months in Kentucky bourbon barrels, this coffee is an aromatic treat. This is a medium dark roast coffee that has a pleasing sweetness mixed with notes of chocolate and fruit and has a nice bourbon finish.

3. Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish is the self proclaimed strongest coffee in the world. The manufacturer loads the beans with twice the caffeine of your average cup, making it a coffee not suitable for beginners. It’s not just a strong coffee, it’s delicious. It’s surprisingly smooth and comes from a fair trade company that makes a point of environmentally sound business practices.

4. Jose Organic French Roast Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee

Jose Organic French Roast coffee is a moderate blend that favors a more mellow flavor profile. The Brazilian brand puts a big premium on freshness. harvesting and roasting the beans shortly before packaging, The idea is to ensure that consumers receive the coffee soon after its processed to maximize the taste.

5. Stone Street Brooklyn Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Last but not least is the Stone Street Brooklyn Roast Coffee Bean Blend which features a smokey sweet flavor profile with notes of chocolate.