7 Ideas for Keeping Busy in Quarantine- Part 2:

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world have been entering a 2 week quarantine due to being infected, being in contact with someone infected, or travel restrictions. In absence of work, many people are left without any ideas to stay productive and entertained during this 2 week period. Here is a list of another 7 ideas to help you do just that (Part 2!):

  1. Do a self care day:

After a full week of quarantine activities, you deserve a long and drawn out self care day. Get late sleep, take a long and steamy bath, put on a face mask, open a bottle of wine, and go the full mile feeling super hygienic and pampered by the end of the day.

2. Take a shot at scrapbooking:

Scrapbooking is a great way to arrange any old and unused printed photographs you may have from a pre-pandemic vacation. It is a great way to be both creative and productive, so try out your scrapbooking skills and start gluing. 

3. Play board games with family/roommates:

Have a board game marathon with your family/quarantine friends- order a pizza pie to the house, get snacks, and challenge one another to a series of board games. Have everyone chip in $5 and have the winner by the end of the day win the pot!

4. Watch Youtube Tutorials:

Ever want to learn a new skill or try out new hairstyle ideas? You can pretty much find a youtube tutorial for anything, so pick something you want to learn and start watching tutorials!

5. Buy a plant to take care of:

Gardening and taking care of plants can be a full time job! Get a windowsill garden or a cute potted plant and spend the day taking care of it. If you have backyard space, consider planting a vegetable garden on your grass lawn and reap what you sow.

6. Start writing:

If you’re passionate about writing, now is the time to start again. Whether it be poetry, songwriting, writing short stories, starting a novel, or looking into freelance writing, there is generally something productive and rewarding for most minds in the writing department.

7. Meditation and yoga:

Breathe in and out. After a long and stifling 2 weeks quarantine, take advantage of a day of yoga poses and meditation to give your mind and body a restart after being cooped indoors for most of your days. Trust me on this one, you will thank yourself for investing your time in the meditative arts for the day.