5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Pandemic:

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With many states and countries still holding restrictions or keeping gyms closed during the Coronavirus pandemic, staying fit and active has become increasingly more difficult. Below are 5 tried and true methods to stay fit outside the gym:

  1. Eat healthy:

Eating a healthy and sustainable diet is always the first step to staying fit, no matter what time of year. Trying a low carb diet rich in proteins, produce, and healthy fats is a great approach to a delicious and healthy way to make staying fit easier.

2. Swim as often as possible:

Swimming is a great way to get intense cardio into your day without risking exposure to the Coronavirus. Try swimming in a local pool, as even public pools are safe. If you live near the coast, you can even just run to the beach and swim there. 

3. Follow at home workout videos:

At home workout videos on DVDs and platforms such as YouTube are an easy way to substitute your daily/weekly exercise class. Find a fitness coach you like and copy what they do to workout in their videos for a guided workout session that is sure to make you sweat and keep you fit.

4. Use hand weights and resistance bands:

Not all exercise equipment has to break the bank! Hand weights and resistance bands are more affordable and easy to use alternatives to your favorite exercise equipment at the gym. Invest in a few pound weights and try resistance band exercises if strength training is your thing.

5. Go outdoors:

Running, biking, or even walking outside are great ways to get intensive workouts into your day. Try running about 3 miles daily or biking down your favorite bike trail. Staying fit doesn’t need to be indoors, and getting fresh air while staying fit is a good bonus this type of exercise brings.