Ideas for Keeping Busy in Quarantine- Part 1

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world have been entering a 2 week quarantine due to being infected, being in contact with someone infected, or travel restrictions. In absence of work, many people are left without any ideas to stay productive and entertained during this 2 weeks period. Here is a list of 7 ideas to help you do just that (Part 1!):

  1. Do an art project:

One of the best things about art projects is how time consuming they can be, especially for art beginners who want to kill time. Try a mosaics project or begin an acrylic painting to entertain yourself. On the plus side, you get to enjoy your work of art once you’ve finished!

2. Do an 1,000 piece puzzle:

One thousand piece jigsaw puzzles are a great and fun way to pass hours of time in quarantine. Play your favorite music playlist in the background and enjoy zoning out. If you’re feeling extra proud of your work, you can even frame your puzzle once it is completed.

3. Start a book series:

Reading can be extremely entertaining and time consuming. Start a book series and watch an entire day float by. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a book series is finding a series in your preferred genre to make sure you don’t get bored from what you’re reading.

4. Start a TV series:

Netflix is everyone’s best friend in quarantine, but can easily become addicting and unproductive. Therefore, designate yourself just one day where you can binge watch Netflix to your heart’s content. Starting a new TV series is a great way to make binging interesting and refreshing.

5. Clean out your room:

Organizing your household/bedroom is a super productive way to keep busy in quarantine. Go as deep with this clean as possible to pass time well, and make sure to throw out things like old makeup. Have old clothes or books? Donate them to organizations helping with COVID relief for the poor.

6. Bake desserts:

Spend an entire day baking those soft chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns you’ve been craving. Get creative and try out new recipes and sample the desserts with your family/quarantine buddies. Everyone will be sure to thank you for the delicious goods you pop out of the oven!

7. Workout from home:

Been lazy in quarantine? Take a health and fitness day and burn off the extra calories that baking day may have cost you. Try looking for at-home workout videos on platforms like instagram and put those handheld weights you have in storage to good use.