7 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends:

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Have you ran out of fresh ideas of things to do with your girlfriends? Chances are your neighborhood feels really boring and uneventful sometimes, so here is a list of 7 fun things to do with friends you may not have thought of doing before:

  • Go to a paint and wine class: There is likely a paint and wine class near you in a local plaster painting or art supply store that offers a guided painting class for beginner and experienced painters alike. And if you’re above the legal age, they serve wine while you paint with your friends!
  • Join a book club together: If you and your friends are avid readers, join a book club! Being a member of a book club with your friends is a great way to meet with them regularly and have a deep conversation to discuss over the novel. Grab your friends and join an existing club or make your own!
  • Take a road trip to a ‘faraway’ mall and spend a day in your weekend there: Love shopping but tired of hitting up your same local mall? Drive an hour or two with some friends out to a new mall and shop until you drop with the excitement of hitting up some new stores you don’t usually shop at.
  • Host a dinner party and have everyone contribute with a dish: A great way for friends to bond is over dinner and mouthwatering desserts, so host a dinner party and have everyone dress nicely and bring a dish to share with each other. Delicious and super fun to execute!
  • Bake something together: Baking is an easy and fun thing to do with friends. Take turns following a cookies, cake, cupcakes, or pie recipe and enjoy in sharing your dessert fresh out of the oven.
  • Play video games: Have a nostalgic video game you used to play when you were younger? Your squad most likely played it too, so have everyone put $5 in a hat, put out some snacks, and have a video game showdown for some childlike old-fashioned type of fun. The winner of the tournament gets the money in the hat!
  • Attend a zumba class with your friends: You can do something both fit and fun if you attend a zumba class with your friends. Dance out your stress together and break a sweat from the high intensity exercise of the hour. Zumba is both fun and rewarding, so grab your girls and try out a class.