5 Creative Cooking Hacks

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Cooking can be complicated and frustrating sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of cooking hacks out there to make frustrating tasks a breeze, helping you cook faster and at ease, store food better, and better utilize your refrigerator. Here are my five favorites!

  1. Put boiled eggs in the refrigerator for a few days: Are you tired of peeling fresh boiled eggs and getting little shards of shell and mutilated eggs by the time you finish peeling? Boil your eggs days in advance from when you need them and store them in the fridge. The eggs will stay fresh, and when you peel them days later it will be super easy.
  2. Rapidly make warm drinks cold with a wet napkin: Wrap your soda or beer bottles in wet napkins and put them in the freezer. The bottles will cool down quicker for some rapid cold beverages to enjoy.
  3. Fix stale bread with water: Have stale baguette or bread loaf? Run the bread under water and bake it on a tray for 5 to 10 minutes. The bread will taste fresh and crunchy like you just baked it that day!
  4. Make fancy mini chocolate bowls: To make a fancy mini bowl made entirely out of chocolate, melt chocolate in a bowl and dip the top of an inflated balloon in the chocolate. Let the chocolate cool against the counter and pop the balloon when chocolate hardens. You will be left will a cute miniature chocolate bowl to put desserts in.
  5. Pancake batter hack: Scoop pancake batter in condiment squeeze bottles or pastry bags and pipe out the batter to control how much comes out when making pancakes, as well as the shape of the pancake. Have fun making any shape you desire.