5 Reasons to Draw More Often

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Need a new hobby but feel really uninspired? Most people are generally looking for a new hobby to get involved with. Drawing is a great way to relax, pass time, and get reward for your efforts. Here are 5 reasons to draw more often:

  1. Drawing doesn’t require creativity: If you’re not a generally creative person, that doesn’t mean that drawing isn’t for you. You can draw almost anything, from your favorite cartoon characters to an apple in your fridge.
  2. It is an excellent way to pass boredom: Bored? Blast some music and start drawing something. Drawing can pass hours at a time depending on the size/difficulty of the drawing and how dedicated you are.
  3. You can make a collection of your works: If you invest in a sketchbook and pick a theme for your drawings, you can make an entire collection of drawings to be proud of!
  4. You can even sell some drawings: There are many websites you can sell your artwork on and gain a profit for your hard work. Keep drawing until you develop a style and you can sell your less personal artworks using websites or instagram.
  5. Drawing is easy to learn: Anyone can master a skill with practice and a good mindset, drawing included. So even without a natural talent in art, don’t feel discouraged and keep trying! The efforts definitely will pay off.