Top 5 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bills

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Living in NYC its expensive. From transportation to daily takeout, i’m always trying to find ways to save money.cutting phone plans to removing light bulbs when i’m not home I’ve managed to save a ton in the last year.

These top 5 ways to save money ideasĀ  hopefully can put you more in the green in your savings account.

1 Fans

If you use ceiling fans your in the right path. An A/C uses one forth of your household energy. A ceiling fan cost only about a penny a hour. Fans don’t bring down room temps but they do make a space feel cooler because of the moving air. They can also reduce the humility in your home.

2 Reduce your hot water temperature

reducing the 140 degree default setting to 120 degrees. Doing this also eliminates the possibility of scalding. if you like extra hot water consider turning it up just a little before you hop in the shower, and turn it back down afterwards.

3 Turn Off The lights

Every light bulb will cost about a dollar per month to run. Numbers example say your using a 60 watt incandescent bulbs and running six lamps every evening from 5:30 to 10:30 pm you are spending $72.00 a year.

4 Energy Efficient Bulbs

By replacing your light sockets with energy efficient LED lights. They cost about $3.50 each to buy, Have a 20+ year lifespan cost under $3.00 per year to operate.

5 Turn Off Your Computer

Most of us never do this simply because just the close of your laptop our workday is over. Always turn your laptop off. When you go to lunch, Sleep mode at night. You can save up too $75 a year just by putting your computer on standby.