Top 5 Treats For Your Dog

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I love my dog very much. His name is Nipsey, a mini Yorkie. He loves to cuddle, he loves cheese ,and long walks. I spoil Nipsey beyond measure, He’s my baby. I’d love to feed him everything i eat but i also know too many treats can be detrimental.

With that being said i only seek out healthy treats for Nipsey that i know will help with his overall health in the long run, but are also yummy for him.

These top five treats for dogs are just some of Nipseys personal faves.

1 Pet greens soft chews dog treat $5.99

These little treats are great for training. They are semi moist and have added nutrition of wheat grass. Nipsey gives these 4 paws up.

Good’N’Fun Triple Flavor Rawhide Kabobs $8.75

These rawhide kabobs have chicken, duck, and chicken liver pieces wrapped around a pork and beef raw hide.

3 Three Dog Bakery Cookies $3.59

These dog cookies look just like Chips A Hoy! These fresh baked cookies are made just for your fur baby.

4 Purina Alpo T-bonz Filet Mignon Flavor dog Treats $4.99

Theses steak shaped dog treats are a perfect size for Nipsey. Hes pretty small, so i feel comfortable with him munching on these treats without the fear of him possibly choking on one.

5 Pet ‘ N’ Shape Chik ‘ N Breast Natural Dog Treats $11.00

Theses jerky treats are made of 100%  chicken. Fifteen to 20 in a tub. I usually break them up and give them to Nipsey in pieces. He absolutely loves these.

I hope your able to find something from this list that will apes your fur baby’s appetite. Which treats do you think your dog will love best?