5 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

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Temperatures are dropping and January is typically the chilliest month of winter. Staying safe and warm is necessary for comfort and maintaining proper health. There are many ways to keep warm without turning up the heat. We listed 5 simple ways below to help you stay warm this winter:


Sit by a space heater

Space heaters come in numerous styles and depending on their size, could heat up a whole room. Setting up a portable space heater is a great alternative to central heating and cranking up your thermostat for spaces that have cold drafts or aren’t adequately heated.


Use hand warmers

Using packets of hand warmers, such as HotHands, is a great way to warm up freezing fingertips. These hand warmers are air-activated, so simply shake the packet to activate and get up to 10 hours of warmth. They’re also extremely lightweight and portable, so they can easily slip into any pockets or gloves. These are great to have on hand for any outdoor activities or in case of emergencies.


Bundle up in layers

Wearing multiple loose layers of clothing is essential during the wintertime. In bone-chilling weather, consider wearing three layers of clothing:  an inner base layer, a middle insulating layer, and a protective outer shell layer that is wind- and water-resistant. Wool, down, and fleece are all excellent clothing materials that will best keep you warm. Also remember to wear a hat, gloves, scarf, and thick socks to protect your extremities from the cold.


Use a heated blanket or mattress pad

Heated bedding could provide much needed comfort and warmth on chilly winter nights. Heated mattress pads usually plug into an electrical outlet and lay atop your mattress to warm up the bed and provide direct heat to your body. Heated throws and blankets are another great option that comes in various sizes and styles and could also be used when lounging on the couch.


Seal windows and doors

Research showed roughly 35% of a building’s heat escapes through cracks in walls, doors, and windows. If you’re feeling a draft of cold air at home, we suggest installing under-door sweeps on your exterior doors to seal the gaps between the bottom of your doors and the floor. You could also add thermal linings to your curtains or cover your windows with plastic to maintain warmth and prevent cold air from seeping into your home.