10 Ways to Use Your Mason Jars

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Mason jars come in an assortment of sizes and are primarily used to can and preserve foods. However, these jars are versatile and can be used for just about anything in hundreds of different ways. You probably have a few spare jars laying around your home, so here are just 10 ways you can use your spare mason jars:

  1. Store your preserved jams or spices: if you’re a fan of making your own homemade jams or jellies, a mason jar is the perfect storage vessel for them. You can also buy a set of small mason jars to decant your dried herbs and spices into them and add labels onto their lids for a DIY organized spice rack.
  2. Turn it into a soap dispenser: you can easily convert a mason jar into a soap dispenser by drilling a hole into the lid and inserting a pump from an old plastic soap container
  3. Make overnight oats: mason jars are the perfect container for making and storing your overnight oats. Simply add your desired amount of oats, milk, and any additional toppings to a mason jar and leave it in your fridge to let it soak overnight. Come morning time, your delicious oats will be ready to eat for breakfast.
  4. Store your bathroom essentials: you can use small mason jars to store any bathroom essentials such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, dental floss picks, tampons, etc. You can also drill holes into the lid to convert your mason jar into a toothbrush holder.
  5. Store your art supplies: you can use your mason jars as storage cups to hold your pencils, markers, paintbrushes, or you can also use it as a jar to store arts and crafts such as all your beads, googly eyes, buttons, and many more.
  6. Use it as a cup and drink out of it: you can even use mason jars as cups and drink right out of them as they’re the perfect size for drinks and cocktails.
  7. Make party favors: if you like to DIY your own party favors, you can use mini mason jars to store treats, cookie mixes, little succulents, or a kit of small curated goods for your guests to take home.
  8. Vase to hold flowers: you can use a mason jar as a makeshift flower vase for a rustic farmhouse look
  9. Use it for holiday decorations: if you’re a fan of seasonal decor, you can easily incorporate mason jars into all of your decorative centerpieces. Decorate the jars by adding flowers, fairy lights, pinecones, etc. to make your home look festive for each season and holiday.
  10. Meal prep: mason jars allow you to pre-portion and prepare your meals for the week – from salads, smoothies, soup, to many more. Just add all your ingredients into each jar and store it in your fridge and it’ll be readily available when it’s time to eat.